Road to Crown ~ Brain training

Road to Crown ~ Brain training

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Five number games of brain training.<br>difficulty that go up every day.<br>It is brain warm up for work or study every day.<p>About games:<br>■Worm Calc<br>Trying to establish the formula.<br>— Computing, Reaction</p>
<p>■Mini Sudoku<br>Fill 1 to 4 once in that each column, each row, and each of the four 2×2 subgrids.<br>— Reasoning, Concentration</p>
<p>■Find formula<br>Choose a correct formula from answers.<br>— Memory, Computing</p>
<p>■Match Match<br>Turning the card and complete all of the pairs.<br>— Memory, Reasoning</p>
<p>■Find differ<br>Find out different number from two group.<br>— Concentration, Reaction</p>

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