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12 Views 01/09/2023
My god this game is so beautiful the graphics and motion blur is the perfect and the sense of speed is insane. The physics are good too good like I don't know what to say I am just speech less  . Just wow Great job infinity vector Ltd. 💯
Dzaky Alifatin
5 Views 12/24/2022
ithis game is very cool like the real world like car brands, real circuits, etc. it's just fun😁
14 Views 12/09/2022
Great game but the developers dont seem to care about theire fans. I got banned i emailed them like 3 4 times idk theh vere responded. Not even an no we aint unbaning your acc. Now ive lost a car i cant get and i am bored asf. I ask them they need all of the details from my account but nothing. Continue like this... Your doing great... 😐
!     𝓝𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓾𝓮𝓶
Top 5 racing games!
25K Views 10/11/2022
ap myat
2 Views 11/23/2022
I fan I want to it game pls
Nero Hatashi
1 View 11/19/2022
well I'm back
Lovely game
1 View 11/06/2022
good graphics Everything about it is good no doubt when downloading this
Jamal Cauntongan
6 Views 10/30/2022
This game so damn great! its simillar to Car X Street🔥❤️
Eddie Stoopid
104 Views 10/11/2022
extremely good game, just missing a few features and stuff which is why I took away one star 1. Modding capabilities from the community, let the community have its fun 2. It takes way too long to earn ingame points and gold coins in my opinion 3. Where the iconic AE86 bell chime?
Hardcore Gamer
206 Views 04/22/2022
Assoluto Racing manages to position itself as a credible clone of Gran Turismo for mobile devices. Not because it has an extraordinary offer in terms of cars and circuits, but for the excellent driving model, enriched by a multifaceted upgrade system and a structure that rewards experience and precision, both supported by a really good and widely adjustable control system. In addition, it is also a particularly beautiful game to see and hear, capable of recreating the atmosphere of the Polyphony racer while having to remedy a significant defect, namely the fact of running exclusively alone.
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