Rescue Car Transport Manager

Rescue Car Transport Manager

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<b> Drive in cars, transport trucks and take flight with a big cargo airplane ! </b><br>As a <i> Rescue Car Transport Manager </i> it’s your job to transport all the vehicles to the given locations ! Do you think you can manage it all? Become a car driver, truck transport driver and a cargo airplane pilot ! <br>So if you like car games, truck transport games and cargo airplane games, search no longer and download this game now on Google Play ! <p><br><b> The ultimate transport game on Google Play </b> <br>So manager are you ready to deliver the cars? Start at the bottom and work your way up in <i> Rescue Car Transport Manager. </i> Drive the car onto the trailer of the transport truck and get behind the wheel of the transport truck, drive the transport truck to the airfield, and drive the car in the cargo compartment of the big cargo airplane, now take flight with the cargo airplane and fly the given coordinates! </p>
<p><br><b> Play 30 missions for hours of mobile gaming fun ! </b> <br>With each completed missions you will earn money, with your hard earned money you can unlock bigger and better trucks! Car transport games were never this much fun to play! So do you think you can manage it all in <i> Rescue Car Transport Manager </i>? Start your transporting journey right now!</p>
<p><br><i> Rescue Car Transport Manager </i> <b> Car Transport Games Features </b> : <br>▶ Become a real transport manager!<br>▶ Enjoy 30 amazing missions for hours of mobile gaming fun<br>▶ Unlock amazing car transport games trucks<br>▶ Got a suggestion? Please contact us for ideas<br>▶ Car Transport games were never this much fun<br><b> Help us make more games and making our transport games better! </b><br>Our players are very important to us at Mobilegames. We want to make better games and also games that you, as our players like! Let us know in the comments, or any other social media what you would like to see for our next games! Make the fun for yourself and </p>
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