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Sherif Mohamed
0 Views 01/21/2023
Perfect game I liked that game so much
#BestPuzzleGame YOOOO I love puzzle games
1.5K Views 11/04/2022
Jay Hunter
Jay Hunter
TapTap Editor
A Point-And-Click Adventure That Defies Time and Space - The Silent Age Review
22K Views 08/05/2022
Sora Synn
Sora Synn
TapTap Creator
[The Silent Age] First Impression [Android]
24K Views 08/02/2022
Hardcore Gamer
84 Views 11/22/2021
I'm not sure if it's this game I've played or another version of this but I enjoyed how you have to move back and forth in time to change the appearance of what you need to do to succeed I thought it was interesting and enjoyable definitely alot of fun it's like a escape game but with a twist edit. it was the same game it took me just over ten minutes to complete the 1st chapter because I have done it before but the downside is that the rest of the chapters are £4 each that's £8 for chpt 2&3 as much as I have enjoyed playing this it's certainly not worth that much but it is entirely upto you on how much you want to play the next part overall
6 Views 08/08/2022
Very well made but there is bug where when you get a notification the game sound effects just disappeared for no reason. Other than that I really like it.
Dr Eggman
6 Views 09/06/2022
This is absolutely perfect although I don’t like how you have to pay $5 but still really really good
Hardcore Gamer
6 Views 09/14/2021
Intresting story-telling ponint to move game with really cool core gameplay changing ambient feature and good gameplay mechanics. Game overall 10/10
1 View 05/03/2019
Fascinating story. Interesting game play. I wish this would have a prequel
Mehdi Meziani
3 Views 08/07/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?