Screenshot of Higher Lower Quiz Game
Screenshot of Higher Lower Quiz Game
Screenshot of Higher Lower Quiz Game
Screenshot of Higher Lower Quiz Game
Screenshot of Higher Lower Quiz Game
Higher Lower Quiz Game

Higher Lower Quiz Game

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Trivia games are always interesting and good to play for enhancing our general knowledge. If you love to play quiz games and you are conversant with Google search volume, you will find this app Higher Lower Quiz Game extremely stimulating and entertaining.
The trivia game is interesting in a new way: here the players have to guess the higher lower in trend for a topic based on Google search volume. The objective of playing this quiz game is to guess or assess how much the players know about recent online search trend.
How to play:
The clue to play the quiz game is hidden in its name: it is easy to play and simple to understand. On each question you need to guess the higher and lower search volume based on talent to trivia crack. Once you download the guess game, Higher Lower Quiz Game, you will find series of questions on screen and you need to answer them one after one. Against each question you need to answer by selecting higher lower tab, and you will get confirmation instantly, if you are right or wrong in trivia crack.
You will get to answer lot many questions based on products, logos, brands, such as electronics, car makers, fashion, airlines, cosmetics, food, drinks, beers and a lot more: your task is to select an option that is more in search based on your guess! You can play alone; you can play with other online players to find how competent you are in playing the guess game.
The ultimate objective of a player like you in Higher Lower Quiz Game is to crack maximum right in a row and bag higher score.
App’s Feature
Higher Lower Quiz Game app is built with some interesting features. Check the features before you download the app:
• User friendly interface and addictive gameplay,
• Integration with leaderboard has made the game more entertaining and challenging,
• Regular update of the game will keep you always updated about the latest trend in market and popular search items,
• HD quality images is another attraction of the app,
• Small application size is an extra advantage.
Higher Lower Quiz Game will offer you lot of fun and lot of knowledge about market. It will of great fun at your fingertips.

Do you like trivia games? You think you know what is in trend? You can test yourself, in quiz game called Higher Lower Quiz Game which is totally free for you! Find out just how much do you know about search trends!
Its quite simple to play the game, just decide which next search item has been searched for the most, you just need to selecting higher or lower button after every question, which item is most popular? Find out for yourself!

Guess which company is in the logo and find out what international brands are hidden under logos in other crack questions, some trends are easy and you can guess are they popular or not in a second, but some may prove to be a much harder to find out. Different questions about products, brands, logos, such as car makers, fashion, electronics, airlines, hi-fi, cosmetics, clothing, food, drinks, beers and a lot more, you just need to answer on a simple question which is more popular left or the right one.

The main objective in higher lower game is to get the most right in a row and beat you high score.
* Guess the brands and thousands of other search trends in all over the world
* Online high score leaderboards, challenge with your friends
* Special trends by any categories such as animals, peoples, places in the world, logos and so on
* Beautiful game design
* Addictive gameplay
* Learn more about trends after guessing!
* High quality images.
* Frequently updates: new search trends will be added
• Small application size

Great brand quiz game which will give you a lot of fun! You can play on your own or have fun together with your friends. Solve the puzzles. Guess the logos. Hi Lo game contains a lot of categories in it such as animal, logo
Sit back, download the Higher Lower Quiz Game and try to guess who is the most popular? Enjoy!

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