Screenshot of Battle Mech Craft: X4 Robot Builder. War Simulator
Screenshot of Battle Mech Craft: X4 Robot Builder. War Simulator
Screenshot of Battle Mech Craft: X4 Robot Builder. War Simulator
Battle Mech Craft: X4 Robot Builder. War Simulator

Battle Mech Craft: X4 Robot Builder. War Simulator

Provider Fat Lion Games: Crafting & Building Adventure
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The year is 2048. After imperial assault skirmish, the new war for Earth is about to begin. As an elite MechCraft Warrior you must assemble & build your own squad of mechs and prepare for enemy mech assault. Step into shoes of real x4 robot builder, craft and build powerful steel soldiers and join the battle for Earth in the best mix battle simulator games and crafting & building games of 2018!

Have your ever dreamt about being a mech fighter? Command a squad of war robots into real battle? Now stop dreaming, because in Battle Mech Craft you’ll become a war robot builder and engage in real-time, full-scale robot wars! Take a seat in a cockpit of an armored assault mech, drive your mech squad into battle, face your enemies and… shoot ‘em up! If everything fails, use a pure brutal force - in this war simulator you’re a giant mech commander after all!

Become not only a robot builder, but also a X4 mech commander and feel the thrill of shooting target with your laser gun! Or load your machine gun and try to pierce through armor of other armored mech! Battle Mech Craft isn’t just another mindless shooter game - it’s a game of tactics: mech vs robot, light mech vs assault mech X4… True clash of mechs! Because of that, better not to rush into the battle unprepared!

Preparation is a key. You can buy a random war robot or build your own mech from scratch like a real x4 robot builder. Every detail can turn the tide of battle! Light mech will never stand against fully armored assault mech x4, but its mobility makes him a perfect scout. Choose your mech squad carefully and upgrade each and every of your war mech. Win a mech battle, earn money and scavenge for better equipment. Battle Mech Craft has so many options, that you may feel like it’s another sci fi crafting & building game… But it’s much more than that!

Expand your robot workshop in crafting & building mode, upgrade your war mech and fight against another wave of enemy fighting robots in the breathtaking arena battle! Defend your base or conquer enemy base, beat rival mech commander and climb on the MechCraft Warrior Leaderboards to become an ultimate mech knight! Do you got what it takes to become the best warrior of armored robot fighting games? Prove it!

• Build your own mech!
• Lead armored robot into battle like a real mech commander!
• ntense battles against other MechCraft Warrior!
• Earn money, respect and buy new tools!
• Expand your mech workshop in crafting & building mode and upgrade your fighting robot!
• Epic sci fi setting in the year of 2048!

Don’t wait any longer! Prepare for the best mix crafting & building games and armored robot fighting games! Play Battle Mech Craft for free and see yourself why it’s considered of the best war simulator games for boys of 2018!

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