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Welcome to Perchang! 60 brilliant levels to test your skills and puzzle-solving abilities.

Exercise your brain and test your coordination to bring the ball to its destination. Activate flaps, magnets, portals, fans, anti-gravity rings and more gadgets to complete a bewildering array of challenges. But don't take too long... Time is limited!

Use our unique and easy-to-use control system to take the reins, solve puzzles and test your skills.

Complete levels as quickly as possible to increase your medal tally and get on the leaderboard of all your friends!

Perchang: Black: 24 new anti-gravity levels to challenge you. Available for purchase separately


"I loved every second of this game" 5 stars - App Advice

"Extremely good game" - Touch Arcade

"Beautiful and well-designed puzzle game" - 148Apps


60 brilliantly crafted 3D tracks to test your skills.
Mysterious mechanics with simple manoeuvres that everyone can get to grips with and start playing the game.
From flippers to teleporters, the game contains a large number of unique gadgets to guide the balls through the various levels.
Brainstorm ways to solve the various puzzles by switching the colours of the mechanics.
Complete objectives quickly to collect all the gold medals.
Use a variety of skills and smarts to earn achievements.
Unlock the special "Gold Rush" levels and complete the toughest challenges!

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