Screenshot of MonQue Dungeon
Screenshot of MonQue Dungeon
Screenshot of MonQue Dungeon
Screenshot of MonQue Dungeon
Screenshot of MonQue Dungeon
MonQue Dungeon

MonQue Dungeon

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Another world of the story somewhere. There was a huge tower towering to the sky there.
In the tower, they had been engaged in a day-to-day monster battle.
It is the best title of the monster Tsukai, ... the aim of the monster master
Those who stand at the top of the sky of the tower, it is able to obtain the title of monster master.
Aim that monster master, I was there is one girl.
The name of the child is Rita. It is a witch.
Aiming to monster master, it goes up in the sky of the tower!

[How to Play]
1: trying to attack the enemy by tapping the screen!
2: up the fighting force to release a new companion!
3: further up the fighting force it to level up each character!
4: The enemy can get the GOLD by defeating. Strong enemy has a lot of GOLD!
5: it is possible to provide a large damage and use the skills! However, note that can not be used for a while I use once!

[Recommended for Travellers]
Love-cute characters
Monster likes
Love, fantasy
- Foster the character likes to
- Made to kill time like free training games
· Numbers like to see how the going up a moment
· Facebook the cute characters, people who want to share on Twitter

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Sound effect material use
Beelzebub soul

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