Screenshot of Merge Journey
Screenshot of Merge Journey
Screenshot of Merge Journey
Screenshot of Merge Journey
Screenshot of Merge Journey
Merge Journey

Merge Journey

Dev active
Publisher 深圳市火星人互动娱乐有限公司
Developer Lionbird
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This is a fun casual puzzle game, use your fingertips to build city buildings and make your own great kingdom.

Set great characters of the world with skills and provide you with sweet building level labels to master the territory easily!
Finish the build with a special roulette wheel of fortune for your last chance to win the next golden age!
Challenge players and friends all over the world with high scores to see who builds the most prosperous civilization!

From historic buildings to bustling downtowns, suburban bungalows to skyscrapers, let America rise at your fingertips! With a swipe of your fingertips, merge the same squares and build an American civilization across generations!
Including the Independence Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building and more than 15 other uniquely meaningful and aesthetically pleasing constructions waiting to be discovered and developed by you! Every time you evolve, wonderful buildings are presented for you to see.
Spring rain, winter snow, morning sun and sunset, day and night, you can enjoy the civilization you are building from many angles.
The unlocked building guides with descriptions of the buildings you're building are available for you to enjoy at any time.

- Recover
Time to turn back the clock and renew the perfect layout.

- Upgrades
Instant evolution of buildings!

- Remove
Remove the construction and smartly make room for more upgrades.

- Rebuild
Delete the low grade buildings and build big!

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