Extreme Stunt Flying Car

Extreme Stunt Flying Car

Provider FAZRA Racing and Action Games
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This is an amazing adventure game. If you love car stunts, then you are on right place. Download this game and enjoy car jumps and stunts. You can skid and drift your car. Car drifting is car skidding is really a great fun. But car jumping is a very dangerous stunt. Especially when you jump your stunt car from one roof to another roof. Roof jumping stunt car driving and car drifting is very dangerous game. High speed is required to jump over the ramp. <br>This car has powerful petrol engine with high torch that provides powerful push to jump. This is a best auto racing game. Auto cars jumps from the roof to show different stunts. Car stunt racing is different from other highway car racing games. In this game you have to show stunt like jumping from one rooftop to another rooftop. To perform this stunt, you need turbo speed. Turbo speed is necessary to win. Make record of long jump. Some jumper jumps up to 80s. <br>Driving skills are very important to perform stunts. Ordinary drivers cannot drift and skid car during car racing. Formula of success is to control your car with you long experience and skills in the field of car drifting and car skidding. This is very unique game than other car racing games. A little carelessness can kill you. Muscle car racing is a great fun. <br>4X4 jeep driving and SUV driving also great adventure. This is a flying car simulator. You can view whole city from flying car. Flying car is similar to air craft simulator. Thing yourself as you are pilot of this flying car that jumps from on roof to another. Remember this is a stunt car simulator. This is not a simple car racing game. For flaying and take off you have to be expert in ramp jumping. Free fall stunt and ramp jumping is very crazy task in stunt car driving. <br>Before you perform car stunts in you real life with your real expensive vehicles you should get simulation on this game so that you can learn stunt car physics. Everyone who drives long vehicle like 18 wheels truck cannot performs such stunts. Car Stunt is very difficult to perform as compare to perform stunts on digger cranes or excavators. This is car stunt racing this is not like a so simple like driving farm tractors. <br>So be ready for a great challenges of car stunt, for jumping your car from on roof to another with ram jumping techniques using your high speed. Play this game to improve you drifting and skidding skills so that you can perform in real life to impress your girlfriend.

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