Pixel Survival Game

Pixel Survival Game

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WiFi LAN Multiplayer has been added!<br> - Play with your friends and family with WIFI/LAN connection!<br> - 4 Player Multiplayer survival island!<br> - Survivors Kill zombies together!<p><b>Survive the Night is a pixel survival game.</b><br>How many nights can you survive? Do you have what it takes to be the longest tiny survivor?<br>Surviving the nights in this sandbox pixel world is your goal and the challenge.<br>Survive by yourself or try to survive with a friend or family with multiplayer!</p>
<p>Chopping wood with your axe, chopping stones with with pick axe.<br>Craft and upgrade traps, improve gears, harvest and gather materials for crafting and try to survive as long as you can in the wilderness. Slay zombies!<br>Acquire coins, open treasure chests and discover new treasure loot for survival!</p>
<p>Play the way you want in this amazingly fun retro style tiny survivor sandbox pixel arcade game! <br>Don't like crafting traps? Then just upgrade your weapon gear, or improve your health for better chance of surviving!<br>Want to be a master crafter? Craft an island of traps that will defend your survival!</p>
<p><b>Features</b><br>- LAN WIFI multiplayer game<br>- over 30+ items to discover and upgrade<br>- gather materials<br>- craft traps to survive<br>- over 30 monsters waiting to challenge your base building<br>- highscore leaderboard<br>- exciting retro pixel graphics<br>- pixel guns, pixel swords and staves<br>- a tiny survivor sandbox style game</p>
<p>LAN/WIFI Instructions:<br> - Connect to the same LAN/WIFI connection, have you or your friend host a game and then join the displayed ip address. Game will start automatically when the connections have been made.</p>
<p>Cowbeans is an absolutely independent developer, games made by myself only.<br>Please contact me if you have any question, or correction to submit.</p>
<p>Visit Cowbeans Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/cowbeans<;br>Visit Cowbeans Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/_cowbeans<;br>Visit Cowbeans Youtube @ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGZT07ofpgzrzZho04ShA9Q<;/p>

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