Fort Offensive by Daylight

Fort Offensive by Daylight

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As a member of the daylight offensive, your task is to clear the enemy in this area!

This war is accompanied by death, ready to welcome this intense battle!
Go deep into the enemy's camp and use these powerful weapons to destroy the enemy!

Game Features:
● Diverse weapon system:
Including M16, AWP, AK47 and other world famous firearms, there are a total of 8 mainstream weapons on the market. These weapons include almost all types of firearms, such as sniper rifles, rifles, submachine guns, pistols, machine guns. Come and earn money to buy an exclusive weapon that belongs to you.
● More classic challenge maps:
We have 4 classic maps waiting for you to challenge, Cargo ship, post, town, and fortress . there are unlimited challenge levels, and satisfy your fighting desire. Each map has unlimited challenge levels, let’s find out how far you can go in this world of gunfire;
● Multiple gift packages:
Daily login to the game can get daily rewards, in addition to gold coins rewards, but also get rare equipment and props rewards. Grenades, medical kits, etc. can help you to get rid of enemies;
● Easy to operate:
One key to fire, destroy the enemy, easily become the top shooter, do not hesitate, come and join this exciting shooting war!

Come on, let us fight side by side!

It is time to destroy the enemy and maintain world peace! Pull the trigger and send the enemies to the dead zone in a right time!

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