Dragon RAJA

Dragon RAJA CN

Publisher 腾讯
Developer 祖龙娱乐
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"Dragon fantasy" is by zu Long entertainment research and development, Tencent game agency issued a new generation of mobile RPG masterpiece. Rally flagship game production team, will UE4 engine technical ability develops acme, together for the mysterious book create gorgeous vivid multinational scene, delicate and exquisite explicit material characters, presents the alternation of day and night, sunny or rainy weather in the game such as rich environmental change, bring players such as in the real world of true feelings.

Game Features:

- Use top UE4 engine to show real scene interaction

- Integrated global lighting technology, cinema-level rendering

- Diverse weather environment, virtual reality ultimate experience

- Powerful dynamic point light source technology, structure gorgeous multinational scene

- Exquisite interior environment, multiple upgrades of sensory experience

- The special effects system is brilliant, and the art technique is innovative


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