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Mouhamed Reda
PUBG Mobile Lite is aimed at people owning entry level devices, allowing them to join the popular battle royale scene. So if you have a device that runs the original PUBG Mobile but suffers from lag, chances are it'll run PUBG Mobile Lite with no hiccups.However this doesn't really mean any phone can just run it fine. A Samsung Galaxy S4 would still lag while running PUBG Mobile Lite mostly because of its age and overheating issues.I would say any smartphone that can score above 45k on Antutu benchmarks should do just fine with PUBG Mobile Lite.
721 Views 4d
MD Shahadat Hosen
68 Views 2d
There are many types of bugs glitch in the game. There is no improvement in the gameplay. The gameplay is very low. The graphics of the game are very bad. This game is played on a 4 GB RAM device but it takes a lot longer, freeze, frame drop and many more problems. There is no improvement by game developers. Please don't install this game. Everyone give the game 1 star
541 Views 11/17/2022
the Game is perfect nothing wrong but these days 90% of the player's using configs  Like high damage 0 Recoil heavy aim assist & a lot more. So please take care of user experience and legit player's of the game banning each and every id is not a solution even i agree but you need to look after it. For better user experience.
Contra Army
66 Views 2d
This game Awesome But many problems players use cheated file use please fix this problems not cheat this game
we need a new version and fix the loading problem we need a new version and fix the loading problem
198 Views 7d
he is the best game of India so please play with game
3.1K Views 11/04/2022
Eliyas Mohammed
My comment on PUBG MOBILE LITE 1ST
632 Views 11/13/2022
THIS APP IS SO COOL ,AND ITS GRAPHICS IS SO GOOD,BUT it is better to have many maps on it bit it is good
King Closer
6 Views 5d
We need bigger loading problem pubg mobile lite gameplay my divice is realme 9 pro 5 g Android 13 and 6gb ram 128 gb storage but not commftable is working my best Airtel network please fix this problem and thanks for support dev team .
Vinay Kumar Vishwakarma
0 Views 20h
My game server is automatically disconnected please solve this problem and automatic loading screen in lobby please solve this problem
2.1K Views 10/12/2022
here.Best game ever and my gameplay is also best i can just finish full squad also and i played with youtubers also lIke AMN beniwal only because of team code this is best game but hackers and glitches are there.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?