Evoker: Magic Card Game (TCG)

Evoker: Magic Card Game (TCG)

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Join thousands of REAL players in this epic trading card game full of magic and fantasy. Summon powerful creatures. Fight hundreds of glorious adventures. Develop deadly strategies and challenge the world’s mightiest players!<br><br>• Win great new cards in regular events<br>• Hundreds of quests<br>• Challenging boss fights <br>• Thousands of magical creatures to collect <br>• Epic multiplayer battles <br><br>Choose wisely who you want for your team in this magical experience. <br><br>• Train your skills, step by step in solo quests <br>• Level your character, playing through ever new quests<br>• Decide for yourself which skills you want to boost<br>• Collect creatures from the elves, orcs and dwarves, and reinforce them, using dragons, elementals, and demons <br>• Grow your creatures’ combat strength through battle experience <br>• Make your creatures even more powerful through clever combinations<br>• Challenge other players and rob them of their treasure<br><br>Choose your creatures and spells carefully – the duels demand that you be deadly and clever. Only he who really commands his deck of creatures can bring his full force to bear.<br><br><b>Contact flaregames</b><br>Ideas, praise or problems? Join in the discussion now: 网页链接 Or write to us at [email protected].<br><br><b>More about flaregames</b><br>网页链接网页链接网页链接;br><b>NOTE</b> <br>Evoker is optimized for tablets ● Requires an internet connection to play ● Offers in-app purchases ● Terms of Service: www.flaregames.com/terms-service/<br>

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