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Renis Gashi2023
0 Views 4d
Formula 1 is the best game and Like sport 🏆🍾
1 View 01/26/2023
i love this
Edy mărul
10 Views 12/27/2022
It's good but it lags so much but all other than that it's a very good game and i recommend for everyone
9 Views 12/25/2022
The best racing games of all time.Handsdown!!!
26 Views 02/04/2022
this 2021 season end update is better then expected! player have way better chances to own a official car then last update and you have career mode. be warned the damage or wear of the car is quite realistically oriented. so if you make contact or drive off track adds good damage adds up to the car slowing you down. And repairs are costly but fair. i think its to keep you from finishing one season in a day, so that the feel of season going on stay for a week or so!
33 Views 11/14/2021
how do i improve the graphics? my device is perfectly capable but still the game has low graphics, I don't see graphics settings in the game, is there any way to improve it? edit: the game after a while updates itself and you have better graphics, but the settings are still missing, the gameplay is not the best, there is not much to do
Riyon Hazarika
22 Views 01/11/2021
This game is very nice and the graphics are amazing but I think that you should add career mode and pit stops, rain racing and make the game a little more realistic.
4 Views 11/15/2022
im stuck on the f1 loading screen even tho i re installed it
6 Views 10/07/2021
Please multiplayer mode, don't just duel the two of you, make a team or a crowd
23 Views 06/29/2022
the game is too bad i don't know what the devs was thinking about czn really such a game beat real racing noooo no fking close to it   
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