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Hardcore Gamer
13 Views 09/17/2021
wow just wow, game like this is the reason why I love gaming, The game made by some people who actually love making the game! a game made by talented artist who put their art with so much detail that you can see it and feel it every time you play and you will find something new and beautiful, this is one of the greatest Android game with one of the simplest 2d art style and small size, I can say that with proud that I actually play this game, well let's get down to the review shell we 😅,,
Grady Dave
15 Views 02/27/2022
Is there a way to transfer saves from android to ios?
0 Views 10/02/2019
2 Views 04/09/2022
decent game
Banana Man
Won't install ..
2 Views 07/14/2022
Thúy Mai
0 Views 11/02/2019
good game
5 Views 01/30/2021
Норм. Красивая рисовка но немножко монотонно, убогая анимация из, хз 2 кадров или около того. В общем сама идея игры хороша и реализовано все норма. Есть много локаций и они интересны, быстро игру проходить не особо получится, что и минус но также и плюс.
Phuong Nghi
1 View 01/19/2022
bản này lưu dữ liệu được là tui thấy muốn chơi game rồi:))
Huy Nhật Phạm T
1 View 04/15/2020
thêm tiếng việt thì ok ròi
Rohit Rajput
0 Views 08/01/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?