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Dwi Bunawan Sari
6 Views 12/15/2022
Global server die
Hardcore Gamer
16 Views 01/13/2020
update: alright its robocraft to the core. im ok with everything for now . i ady tried making my own build but due language barrier its hard to balancing the mecha (defensive , mobility , perks , power supply and preferred offensive weapons). if you like translating the game .. well you can get used to it but for me tbh i will just wait the global version "one day 🤣" IMO the minus points from me is
6 Views 02/04/2020
Nice i waiting this game before, i wish for robocraft on mobile... and come true but..., can you make it english version, its hard to understand because when translate it lot a wrong word translated... thx you Pls Replied me ^_^
1 View 01/14/2020
This game is amazing easy five stars, it's super fun and competitive, you can let your imagination run wild with what you can create. Must play! Awesome job Devs!! 🤙🏿🤘🏿🖖🏿✌🏿💯💯💯
2 Views 03/07/2020
How i can change language on english if that possible? Game amazing but for me need english(
Thạo Phan Văn
0 Views 01/16/2020
good .When will the game ever be in English?
3 Views 03/16/2020
I'm going to delete this for now, maybe wait an entire decade for a language update, this is actually the game I've been looking for 20 years and I don't have time for learning Japanese or Korean language for years either
0 Views 01/22/2020
I love the game. One thing i would like to have is the english language, but overall a really good job. Keep it up.
Hardcore Gamer
1 View 06/28/2019
I hope the trial and the official version will be English!
RmY Dimensions
0 Views 01/18/2020
Very good game to play, I hope this game will speak English later
That's everything for now. Start a new game?