O2Jam S

O2Jam S

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Screenshot of O2Jam S
Screenshot of O2Jam S
Screenshot of O2Jam S
Screenshot of O2Jam S
Screenshot of O2Jam S


★Including the latest song updates, now O2Jam S - Season 2 provides total 37 songs★
★Based on various missions, let’s take hidden songs or items★

Only chance to meet music/rhythm action game legend, O2Jam!!
O2Jam S – Season 2 comes to you with updated thrills and maximized excitements
Available to play O2Jam original songs through O2Jam S for the first time!!

◆ Game Characteristics
+ Adding latest song updates, O2Jam S provide strong pleasures and thrills.
+ Easy playing mode anyone can play!! All you have to do is following tutorials.
+ consists of various genres and stages: Tap Mix, Original, Club Remix
+ Endless competition connected to game center. You can compete not only to your friends but also someone from whom you don’t know.
+ provide maximized shooting mode: Change Mode
+ endless missions!! Let’s achieve hidden songs or items after clear requested missions.
+ Newly added 20s notes and background items. Possible to show off your achievements to your friends.
◆ How to Play
- Touch or slide two circles in the bottom once notes overlap exactly
- Check Shooting Mode if you wish to fully enjoy O2Jam S. Plus, available to operate shooting gate from x2 to x4.
- There are hidden gifts such as songs and notes for each mission. All you need to is clearing all missions and receive special gifts.
- Available to achieve items through missions and purchase some of items as GP (Gem Point).
Facing to O2Jam S – Season 2, all data is initialized.

▶ MOMO Smartphone Game
- Official Homepage (Access to mobile) : www.momocorp.co.kr
- facebook : www.facebook.com/o2jamglobal
- twitter : www.twitter.com/o2jamGOT
[Game Contact Info.] [email protected]


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