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Hello, here is the different battle card TCG "Yingling Summoner" yo, please allow Yingling mother to introduce the content of the game yo
Super fair! The world's first card battle without sequential hands makes the game much more fair and strategic.
Through the "positioning" "layout" implementation of brain-burning psychological warfare, players can experience the game in the layout strategy and the psychological prediction of the sense of excitement!
The game also has the famous Japanese goddess voice actress such as arrogant Nail Palace, soft and cute Hanazawa, etc. Master, please create a new legend together with the spirit girl.

Game features.
1, super conscience pre-group set, complete the new guide can directly choose the 50 pre-group set, open the summoner journey.
2, super main line task benefits, easy to have 500 draw cards and 30 Yingling secret treasure (must come out 3 highest rarity SSR cards)
3, the two sides of the battle at the same time card deployment settings, the game does not have the concept of "you, or opponent turn", each turn, the two sides at the same time for the deployment.
4, card deployment in the game of psychological "positioning" system.
5, hundreds of thousands of games of polished and balanced value system.
6, 10 character play unique spirit girl, theoretically unlimited possibilities of the deck with.
7, Kanna Hanazawa, Rie Nailed Miyagi, Ayako Kawasumi, Noto Mamiko and other top CV.

Gift code summary (in the inside interface into the following text can receive).

(帝国十连抽券x10张 卡美洛之魂1000 帝国之魂1000 钻石100)
(英灵秘宝x10 橙色精华1个 钻石100)
(10000金币 睿智导灵芬恩X1)
(瓦尔哈拉之魂x500 英灵秘宝X10)
(神圣之灵x200 七彩之星x10 大画灵魂穿刺)
(仙宫十连抽券x10张 大画英灵重生x1)
(金币20210 英灵秘宝x10)

For more exclusive information about the game, and the exchange of card sets, please add the official QQ group to participate in the discussion
QQ Group:1048014521
WeChat public number:英灵召唤师

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