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0 Views 03/04/2023
This game so cool
0 Views 01/25/2023
It won't even let me play.
Not playable in the US unfortunately. What is it with Japanese mobile games implementing this location tracking crap. Japan really reeeally don't want Americans playing their mobile games. Cause....idfk screw us I g
10 Views 12/01/2022
a random person
67 Views 03/06/2022
I really wish they allowed the game to be in the United States i want to play it so bad… probably a lot of people who lived in my country really wanted to play this game instead of trying to make a japanese account in order to play it. Most of the jojo games require a japanese account and i just wanna play one of them without a japanese account plus idk how to make a japanese account :(
Tata_Love 6666
48 Views 10/31/2021
please, give it back... i wanna play it so much again... everytime i played this game, i was happy... now i dont know how to describe my feelings except i feel emptiness and sadness... i just wanna play jjppp again, please....
36 Views 08/15/2022
itdoesn't even work!! what the hell is this man bullshait game,i just wanted to play some jojo pop and my junk won't start get out of
1 View 11/26/2022
The game doesn't start, fix it.
8 Views 09/02/2021
So sad the game has now closed...I was so addicted
Пётр Kek
21 Views 11/09/2022
'JOJO's Pitter-Patter POP' review
25 Views 10/29/2022
here fix it please so i can play it p
That's everything for now. Start a new game?