Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Screenshot of Guardian Tales
Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales CN

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Guardian Tales is a pixel style cheerful adventure RPG game. Here, players will play a knight, travel through different worlds to protect the young princess from threats and save the kingdom from the dark forces. From the puzzle challenges in the epic city to strategic action battles, come and join the wonderful adventure to protect the world of Canterbury and write a magnificent legend!

[Game Worldview
On the day when the new recruits of the Canterbury Knights report for duty
The ancient kingdom was attacked by "invaders" with advanced civilization
The princess and the knight were lost in the forest ruins
They stumbled upon the "Sword of Champions" left behind by their ancestors in Canterbury.
At that moment, the spirit of the deceased Queen appeared in front of the Princess and the knight who had drawn the sword
"The only way to stop the invaders is to awaken the Sword of Champions..."
"Find the "heroes" recognized by the Sword, and with their power, bring peace back to the world!"

【Game Features
Retro pixel: 8-bit painting style recreates the classic RPG world
From character modeling to map scenes, the classic 8-bit painting style perfectly restores the most innocent pixel world in memory!

Joyful offline: a large number of play stems eggs waiting for you to discover
World famous paintings, magic academy, superheroes, classic movies ...... Only the points you can't think of, no stems you can't play!

Easy puzzle solving: brainstorming fun puzzles
Lift boulders and throw bombs to throw yourself over obstacles; break bookcases and discover secret passages to treasure chests ...... Easy and casual map puzzles add a different kind of fun to your exciting adventure!

Homeland & Guild: Build your own island and adventure with friends
Build unique floating islands for your heroes the way you want, so you have a place to relax outside your journey! Don't forget to pick up your heroes' gifts as a small token of their appreciation! Create a guild with your friends, make new friends, show off your heroes, and form a team in the guild! (PS: Be nice to the guild scarecrow)

Real-time combat: Sleek positioning to defeat epic bosses
Infiltrate, escape, sneak attack, meet the enemy head-on ...... Use tricks to defeat the boss to end the battle! Remember: it's dangerous to fight alone, don't forget there are more than 50 heroes waiting to adventure with you~

Real-time PVP: online matchmaking to start a fun battle
Fierce battles and rankings, gather and team up with 3 heroes to form the strongest team and fight against strong opponents in real time for the highest glory!

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