Screenshot of Battlefield 24 Days
Screenshot of Battlefield 24 Days
Screenshot of Battlefield 24 Days
Screenshot of Battlefield 24 Days
Screenshot of Battlefield 24 Days
Screenshot of Battlefield 24 Days
Screenshot of Battlefield 24 Days
Screenshot of Battlefield 24 Days
Battlefield 24 Days

Battlefield 24 Days

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Conquer real-life cities, in real-time action, against real players globally!

The world is in ruins after a nuclear apocalypse. But from within the ashes of the nuclear war, there is a spark of hope. Survivors are scattered around ruins of major cities from New York to San Francisco and London to Paris. It is not the end of mankind, but it is up to the survivors to continue surviving. To rebuild civilisation we need a strong military commander, only you can lead us to rise from the apocalypse.

Salvage. Build. Protect. Kill. Survive. Conquer. This is your destiny now.

Conquer Real-Life Cities
No more fun and games, this is the real world. Choose from four real-life cities - New York, San Francisco, London and Paris - to begin your rise above the nuclear apocalypse. Represent your city, save your fellow survivors and conquer enemy cities!

Real-time Strategy Against Real Players
Issue split-second orders in real-time that will determine your military victory or defeat. Just like a real war, you will need to have strategy and organise resources for your attacks and execute your war plan to a fault. It is either attack or be attacked as you are surrounded by thousands of real players from all around the world with the same goal as you. It’s all about your strategy. Make every battle, every move count.

Customize Your Army
Build and customize your own army of battle-hardened tanks, spider drones, helicopters and troops to fit your battle strategy of choice. Whether it is protecting your city of nuclear survivors, scavenging resources or attacking enemy bases, with a single military order, your loyal army will fight to the death for you.

Expand Your Ruling
After you have built the foundation for your base and got your armies in place, it is time to venture out into the wild. Explore surrounding territories and invade enemy bases for resources and government. There is limited resources so if you want it, you will have to fight for it. Expand your territory and enlarge your forces in a real-time panoramic map. The more resources and territory you conquer, the more power you have, this is war.

Team Up With Power Alliances
The nuclear apocalypse may have turned the world into ruins, but it hasn’t turned everyone on you. Amongst survivors, you will meet enemies, but you will also meet invaluable allies. Find and team up with trusty real-life player allies all fighting for the same cause. Assist one another for collective gains and plan out military strategies with them in real-time over the chat. Your allies are all you have, so help them in times of desperation and request reinforcements because you never know when you will need them to reciprocate the favour.

Miss Secretaries Are At Your Service.
All on your own, it will surely be a challenge to achieve anything. Why not train your Miss Secretaries, and make them your most powerful aides? Adorable Jenny or coquettish Susan, whom do you prefer? Or you may be into the cold belle Lucy? Date your favorite secretary and cultivate favor with her! What happens when your favor reaches 100%?

Summon Powerful Heroes to Fight for You
Summon powerful heroes at the bar to cheer you on and help you rule the city! Have Barton manage the army, Napoleon build sieges, and Einstein develop technologies. Anything else? Just give your orders!

24-day Deathmatch
As the last day of Deathmatch is approaching, fighting has become a daily routine! To survive the formidable enemy firepower, is head-on counter-attack or raising power while hidden your option? Should you prioritize technology research or military expansion? Should captives be eliminated or turned to be our allies? Any of those strategic decisions will affect your performance in the final showdown! Win to survive and lose to die. It is all about decisions.

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