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5 Views 02/27/2023
I really miss this game now they update it WOW this complete my childhood i love this game
bambangBintang Aryandi
0 Views 03/11/2023
It's game good game is the colab in hot wheel
Swati Soni
0 Views 01/16/2023
Would be nice
Beach Buggy Racing 2|Gameplay
9 Views 01/03/2023
39 Views 08/07/2019
When I play the first round of game, I just feel this game like a combination of Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart. With the art style and background design really like Crash Team Racing to me, and those items that you can use for attack or defend are pretty similar to Mario Kart. But I cannot deny that this is a good game, the overall racing control is great, you will not lose your control when you tap break and turn a direction to drift at same time, this is friendly to new racing gamers.
Blitz YT
5 Views 04/04/2021
this is my most favorite game graphics are good can you add more cars and tracks it will be so much fun also love the winter update keep working on this game!
5 Views 09/20/2019
really reminds me of crash team racing, so many upgradable powerups, maps, cars, even heroes to play and each one has a unique skill daily challenge is very hard at the beginning
John Brown
3 Views 10/06/2019
Graphics are dreadful and so are the controls. Game is basically every mobile racing game that is just there but doesn't prove that racing games should even exist on mobile in the first place
1 View 10/04/2022
this game remind me with CTR from PlayStation 1 l
ako nalang kasi gagi
1 View 12/15/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?