Screenshot of Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids
Screenshot of Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids
Screenshot of Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids
Screenshot of Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids
Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids

Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids

Provider Pomidoro Games
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Coloring dolls with beautiful dolls for surprise children - versatility of images and scenes for creative games for children and adults.
Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids is a colorful game for real doll lovers. Now children and adults can fill their leisure time with elegant colors of games and sincere smiles, such as the free Android app.
Graphs and coloring features are universal for users of any age.
Dozens of scenes and images - each player will be able to find bright opportunities for creative and positive rest.
An excellent choice for lovers of dolls LOL, who can now create their own elements of image and mood. The application does not require any special resources or even an Internet connection - it works offline without the Internet, helping with a smile to pass on free time in any situation.
Now you can enjoy the exciting story of the game without any special skills and ability to paint. Even the youngest users will be able to deal with the features of Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids, as this is a game for adults and children.
Broad functionality for perfect games with the Lol app:
- Completely free without hidden content.
- Cute and cool design.
- A large selection of scenes and images - more than 70 pages of colorings.
- Adjusted opportunities for the development of their creative, tactile skills and imagination.
- Different levels of difficulty, depending on the skills and preferences - from the simplest pictures to complex and detailed scenes.
- The game Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for children is adapted to work on tablets and smartphones with any screen resolution.
- The results of your creations can be easily placed on social networks and instant messengers with literally readable movements.
Simple and bright opportunities for a perfect holiday:
- Choose a suitable coloring for the game.
Click on your preferred coloring to start.
- Select the area and part of the coloring to apply the selected color.
- If necessary, you can change the palette and choose other colors for work.
- The image, if required, can be moved and scaled for more accurate coloring.
- Save the image in the gallery of your gadget, post it on social networks or instant messengers in just a few clicks.
Simple and convenient functionality, versatility of plots and images of the free application are specially created for an exciting and positive vacation for the whole family along with Coloring Surprise Dolls lol for Kids, taking into account the principles of the development of imagination, world view, fine motor skills and creative abilities.


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