Screenshot of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)
Screenshot of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)
Screenshot of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)
Screenshot of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)
Screenshot of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)
Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM)

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love(ROM) Global

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Provider Gravity Interactive, Inc.
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Endless Adventure! A new way to play the main story accompanied with the largest visual upgrade in history! Witness the arrival of the new class [Occultist] from a whole new perspective and explore the cursed legend of the Royals - EP The Intrigue of Seven Royals]!
A conflict has been unveiled within the Kingdom of Rune, countless conspiracies and devious schemes waiting for the players to uncover. The new class [Occultist] has arrived, two souls within a single body, capable of traversing both the real world and the world of heart. The story of the Mystery Museum continues, a whole new instance [Lost Isle] waiting for the players to discover the treasure of the legendary pirates. There is also new Ancient Gear to be introduced into the game.
- Become a detective and uncover the mystery of the Kingdom of Rune
With the king missing and the throne empty, the rumored curse of the Royals, and the conspiracy ridden in election ceremony... How will you witness the future of the Kingdom of Rune when you are asked to participate in the selection ceremony? Use the newly introduced game modes to help you dissect the royal intrigues and uncover the truth hiding beneath the throne. Complete with full questioning, evidence searching, and deduction gameplay as well as full voice acting.
- All new class [Occultist] has arrived
Heed the guidance of ancient adventurers, build a bond with their souls, and borrow their powers in battle! The Soul Binder is inseparable from the adventurer, with combo skills released together and many new ways to support your teammates!
- A whole new continent alongside the biggest visual upgrade in history!
Complete remake of the character models and special effect, a whole new Midgards Continent. The scenery, characters, and costumes are ushering in a new form! The unlocked camera now allows you to tour the fantastic and expansive world of RO from every angle you wish! Even more artistic upgrades and overhauls are taking place and will arrive soon!
- Explore ancient relics and find the treasure within legends
The story of the Mystery Museum has yet to end. The Museum Curator has found a new island - [Lost Isle]. Shrouded within a storm all year round, with rumors of no one ever returning from there aside from the legendary pirate Baxa, his treasure will be the final goal of this journey!

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Its a good game and it has everithing to be better, i have been playing it on my main acc for 3 years but i stopped due to The abyss difference bettwen my job dmg and my colleagues dmg. Well I was a Divine Avenger with a full set of sintezys and some ancient itens refined mostly +10, with some good runes and Aesir bless. I dealed At my Best Just 3.2 million dmg by hit theres no, comparasion with my Novice Guardian friend that literraly passed The 200 million dmg by each second, it is disbalanced on that point but excepting that is a Nice game where you can play with a lot of people this time because of that i Will probably return as stellar Hunter and do a multijob or a 2nd Character to play as Novice guardian too. Well note i was a guildmaster for 2 year since i started there, it was on Europe ROM and seriosly one of those guys on your side, IF hes well geared, that makes the difference bettwen The sucess in a dungeon or The failure.
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i love this game
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this game is very cool, and the graphics are very good, I recommend everyone to play! Gorgeous graphics and amazing gameplay!
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