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Shido Itsuka
i love this game
4 Views 10/27/2022
this game is very cool, and the graphics are very good, I recommend everyone to play! Gorgeous graphics and amazing gameplay!
Gaming Hardcore
Ragnarok M: Eternal Love in 2022
116 Views 10/23/2022
3 Views 10/05/2022
its a good game, i love this game a lot!! this game has a lot of fighting strategies in combat in just one Android MMORPG! so much to spend time to have fun with friends and family!! Congratulations to the game developers!!!
31 Views 09/24/2022
Its a good game and it has everithing to be better, i have been playing it on my main acc for 3 years but i stopped due to The abyss difference bettwen my job dmg and my colleagues dmg. Well I was a Divine Avenger with a full set of sintezys and some ancient itens refined mostly +10, with some good runes and Aesir bless. I dealed At my Best Just 3.2 million dmg by hit theres no, comparasion with my Novice Guardian friend that literraly passed The 200 million dmg by each second, it is disbalanced on that point but excepting that is a Nice game where you can play with a lot of people this time because of that i Will probably return as stellar Hunter and do a multijob or a 2nd Character to play as Novice guardian too. Well note i was a guildmaster for 2 year since i started there, it was on Europe ROM and seriosly one of those guys on your side, IF hes well geared, that makes the difference bettwen The sucess in a dungeon or The failure.
Alexandre Campeau
7 Views 09/06/2022
Money grab..... even when you have the end games equip you still sucks
Carl Ynghrafnsson
42 Views 04/23/2022
The new graphics overhaul is awesome! It's almost like a brand new release; totally extends the life of this of game. This is my favorite edition of all the Ragnaroks because of all the cool classes and clean UI. The overhaul makes the cameras better too. Honestly, I choose to play this game against all of upcoming Genshin and PGR clones because I want some positive energy, and there are so many mmos and rpgs out there that aggravate me for one reason or another. The UI/UX is really ingenious and not bloated. Beautiful.
ren01 tan
2 Views 08/24/2022
why this not available in middle east ? there are asian people working here  can you make a way so we can play ragnarok here
Mark Angelo Bat
5 Views 03/21/2022
I need a help to purchased bcc thru mobile # paent on Google play.. I always do that everytime i purchased but now i haven't seen payment method through it now.. please i already top up a 100usd load on my mobile #.. I want to purchased a Bcc XL... need your response about it please..
Fun MMORPG on the go
13 Views 08/23/2022
1 View 06/27/2021
issue logging in with Facebook, can't seem to login to my account any other way? what kind of messed up support is this when it has been like this for already 2 months?
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