Flower Journey

Flower Journey

Developer LL Studio
The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region

Flower Journey is a match 3 puzzle game which we have put a lot effort on.
In the trial play of the development version, it has already made many players infatuated. During the test, the game gained their approval and received many valuable feedback.
This wonderful match 3 game is intended to express a truth: Things are hard. it takes courage, wisdom, faith and luck to reach the goal. When you finally overcome the frustrations, the difficulties and reach your goal through hard work, look back at the road you have travelled, did you ever hesitated? Did you ever want to give up? But you are glad that you had the courage to overcome all this and surpassed the past self. And you’re here. Life is just like the game or even harder. Be brave.

The core play of the game includes the basic dual match 3 rules, that is, matching both of color and number. When the color and the number match, the number on the flower will be 10 times and the score will also be 10 times.
The game eliminated scores can not only reduce the scores needed by the goal, but also go into the magic bottle as energy. When the magic bottle is full, two magic spells will be activated: Magic 1 can add one move for you. Magic 2 can remove an unwanted flower. Use these two magic powers can help you at a critical moment.
The game has excellent feedback and wonderful visual effect, and also sweet musics.
This is an interesting match 3 elimination game, this is an amazing match 3 game.
Try it, you will fall in love with it!

If have any feedback, feel free to send email: [email protected]

LL Game Studio.

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