Alice Gear Aegis

Alice Gear Aegis TW

Provider So-net Entertainment Taiwan Limited
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Players will lead the armed girls to a hidden conspiracy!

- 3D Action Shooter
Move, shoot and slash enemies with one finger!
Enjoy the comfort and convenience of maneuverability and fly freely in space!

- Fight with your friends
Multiplayer mode, up to 4 players can challenge the level together.
Join forces with your friends and beat the odds!

- Use your unique skills to turn the game around.
Each character has a unique "SP Skill".
Utilize your skills for an exhilarating and thrilling battle!

- To deepen the bond with the girls.
Complete quests or give gifts to increase the bond with the girls.
You can free up special scenarios after upgrading your detention.
Maybe we'll see some surprises?

- Freedom to create characters
Discover the weapons known as "Alice Armor" and freely create a unique character!
It can also be paired with fashion and accessories for a fun outfit change!

- BGM that makes the blood boil
ZUNTATA is in charge of music production.
It's the perfect setting for a cool shootout!

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Configuration requirements
Android 4.1 or above

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