Strategy Of Interstellar

Strategy Of Interstellar

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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region

"Strategy Of Interstellar" is a SLG mobile game based on the sci-fi star warfare. It uses reasonable strategies to develop its own Starfleet fleet, participate in the Alliance War, compete for the Starcraft map, and finally dominate the universe. The Star Wars is on the verge of a hit, and the Star Alliance is imperative! The next overlord, is that you?

[game features]
1. A variety of weapons and types;
2. A step-by-step upgrade strategy;
3, compact and exciting game rhythm;
4, simple and clear control experience;
5, unique sound design.

[Game Highlights]
1, the wonderful types of gameplay, very distinctive, the difficulty is not very high, you can spend boring time;
2, a variety of warships can be unlocked, very novel, giving players a different visual experience, to avoid fatigue;
3, very test the player's control, the understanding of the game and some small skills, can play this game.

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