Screenshot of 白色情人节:恐怖学校
Screenshot of 白色情人节:恐怖学校
Screenshot of 白色情人节:恐怖学校
Screenshot of 白色情人节:恐怖学校
Screenshot of 白色情人节:恐怖学校

白色情人节:恐怖学校 グローバル

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提起“学校”每个人都很熟悉。 但是[White Day]的背景“延都高中”有发疯的守卫,有故事的鬼魂等。 充满着危险和恐怖。

“White Day”没有“无法直视的残忍剧情”。 也没有枪械或武器等物品。 玩家是一位平凡的学生,为了逃离深夜学校内各种危险。

不比休闲游戏差的故事情节! 多种结局系统!
“White Day”主要讲述被关在“学校”迷宫的主角和女学生们所经历的故事。 他们的经历细腻而有趣。 作为手机游戏,拥有比休闲类游戏更为丰富的故事情节。


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78 Views 05/18/2023
oneA well-designed mobile game is very attractive both in atmosphere and playability. KuHowever, this game can't run on related devices, and the version is old and sad.😔 sixIf you want to experience the genuine version, please go to Google Store. If you have to use TapTap to play it, please return the system to Android 11 or below. (At the same time, be careful about the repeated verification of this game. To be honest, it is a torture to buy this game on TapTap.)
47 Views 03/10/2023
This is the game i wanna play in 2017 because the girls character design so good and beautiful i didn't even fear any ghost
13 Views 01/05/2023
Nyc game i really wanna play this story line is very good 👍
Ibaraki Doji
1.4K Views 12/02/2022
Pranit Zadbuke
'The School - White Day' impression
60 Views 12/16/2022
i really want to play this game please drop for free..😃
Augustya Dixit
30 Views 01/26/2023
I loved this game its really amazing and waiting for part 2
36 Views 01/08/2023
I realy want to play but i am not having that condintion to buy help
TapTap Creator
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29K Views 01/19/2021
Yuki Umiigat
26 Views 01/03/2023
THIS IS COOL & SCARYY, though i don’t have any money to buy this game. oh well :|
59 Views 02/10/2023
I want to play this game because I see youtubers play this so much and love the game and I want to try this game also
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