Screenshot of Rakshasa Street: Wargod
Screenshot of Rakshasa Street: Wargod
Screenshot of Rakshasa Street: Wargod
Screenshot of Rakshasa Street: Wargod
Screenshot of Rakshasa Street: Wargod
Rakshasa Street: Wargod

Rakshasa Street: Wargod

Grand Open
Dev active
Provider 北京慕远科技有限公司
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Top National Comic IP Rakshasa Street licensed handheld game Rakshasa Street: Wargod
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The original author's dedication, the original deluxe voice cast, guardian spirits hot blood assembly!
The game perfectly restores the classic scenes and popular characters, and the battles are back with a vengeance!
Summon your own guardian spirits, and join forces with the irresistible soldier Cao to protect your beloved in the streets of Rakshasa!
All you Soultellers, awaken your Valkyrie bodies and join our team!
You're in charge of this street!

- Skill free mix and match, flaming gorgeous battle
Innovative strategic turn-based combat gameplay, say goodbye to brainless battles, more test of strategic ability, free combination of skills with the game's special effects, to provide you with the ultimate smooth combat experience!

- Spiritual Warriors Assemble for a Rich Strategy
Unique entity summoning play, the spirit of warriors a key to summon. Unlock character breakthroughs and star ascensions, lineups and strategies, spiritual domain and so on for your domination!

- Immersive story unlocks human-spirit bonding.
Realistic national comic style, faithfully restoring the original plot. The camera design is rich and clever, and the plot experience is truly immersive. The bonding system between the sender and the guardian spirits will bring back the passionate guardian promise of the past.

- Luxurious voice cast, hot-blooded original voice recreations
Specially invited animation original voice actor, the sound of the classic lines still ringing in the ears perfect reproduction, to meet all the expectations of the town's Soul Street.

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