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2 Views 12/24/2022
not bad。no body paly it in TapTap?
Jay Hunter
Jay Hunter
TapTap Editor
Learning to love The Witcher through a really great card game - Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
18K Views 10/15/2022
Hardcore Gamer
134 Views 02/21/2022
gwent is a card game with a direct connection to the witcher. having played 20 hours, I will tell you about all the sensations from this game, what and how. Let's move on to the game itself. as I said above - Gwent is a card game with references to books by Andrzej Sapkowski. The game itself came from the Witcher series of games. Let's move on to the game itself: It weighs about 4 GB. after downloading the game and additional files, we are greeted by training, which can be skipped, but I do not advise. after completing the training, you will receive a starter card, in addition to the standard one.
Clint Wulf - Mobile Messiah
Clint Wulf - Mobile Messiah
TapTap Creator
GWENT: The Witcher Card Game First Impressions
9.7K Views 10/10/2022
Dip Bachar
107 Views 09/09/2022
this is the best card game I have played and I just can't express how good this is . I love the witcher universe and this is like open book it has like almost all characters from the witcher universe and it's visual effects are stunning, beutiful. The matchmaking is good the balance is perfect and fully free to play .
5 Views 03/15/2020
The desire of many fans came true! The game turned out to be on Android. I can only say that this is gameplay indistinguishable from others in the genre! But it is the plot attitude to the Witcher that makes her unique.
5 Views 09/30/2022
Really good and interesting card game with fun mechanics and gameplay
12 Views 10/16/2021
ONE of the GARBAGEST and WORSTEST games of ALL TIME in every single section of one video game can be scanned and tested that i want to say take a lot time
Pasha Kashka
7 Views 08/15/2022
GGood game. I love cd project Red. But I don't like our because they stop our games at Russia👿
TapTap Editor
24 Views 03/28/2019
finally be coming to Mobile Version!The GWENT PC version was really creative and fun. especially game graphics, playing methods so amazing. also a big fan of The Witcher series, so I'm looking forward to it!
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