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Ciara 🍯🐝
190 Views 01/11/2023
Been playing since release date on my REDMAGIC 6s PRO without any issues! DO NOT listen to the reviews of this game made primarily by bitter types who didn't take the time to set the game to their device capabilities etc... There is a wishlist feature for SSR that must be properly utilized, and the rates seem low, but are standard for most Gacha type games. Especially Idle. This game is fun, with a great lil story!
From CBT to almost 2 months of playing Nikke
749 Views 12/23/2022
Bragrak BloodStompa
Good game, awful management
27 Views 01/16/2023
Its a good game but the flaws that come with it are just way too many to justify it, semi- botched launch, community feedback that gets ignored by suits that are more than obviously surrounded by "yes" people, they just want either whales or demoralized people that will defend them no matter what its thrown at them to and no criticism allowed/noted under the guise of "no toxic" (feedback is just there to "put the complaints" in a convenient cage they will ignore) they made gacha the stuff that SHOULDNT be, The "season pass" is just a skin and that's it, the rest is just way too low to justify the price, you can get more stuff from other games than from this for the SAME price you pay.
Nikke is an amazing game!!
161 Views 01/11/2023
74 Views 01/07/2023
A new kind of approaches towards a gacha game that I've been not expecting from. Thought it will be an another cash grab, p2w like everyone was saying but no. It requires a simple attention to the game and then you'll be in a top notch position to play the game comfortably. Gameplay The gameplay is really refreshing, behind a cover and shoot kinda thing really puts into perspective(and jiggles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) . There's two option on controlling the gameplay
Bragrak BloodStompa
Good game, awful management
18 Views 01/16/2023
The Good Good gameplay, good character design and decent story, idle is not really a form of description because is pretty engaging The Bad Season pass is barebones, not good enough, you can get WAY more from other gachas SSR molds are 60% chance, not even guarantee AND they are charging you for these in the season pass Management is gutless, they WILL NOT listen to the feedback or at least show their face talking about it, all the concerns and problems are just put in a nice place called "feedback" in discord
Uncle Vinny
51 Views 01/10/2023
It's not awful but the gameplay is very disconnected.  Just putting everything on auto while you do something else just makes you wonder why they dont just make a quick battle Button for everything.  There is a paywall which the only way other than spending money is collecting daily rewards.  It's slowly getting better but it's just not there yet.  Tencent monetization is still holding this back.  $20 for a cosmetic is absolutely insane.  It practically does nothing but it's still upsetting.  The pity system is upsetting.  Wish there was a better way for them to implement it.  Cutting the cost in half would be tremendous.  It's not bad but it's not great either.  Way too slow to progress and get new characters
Sun Bear
A mess of a game
446 Views 12/23/2022
How to anger your fanbase: 1. Release it in an utterly broken, buggy state. It's being fixed, but some bugs are still there. I wonder if anyone even took notes during the CBT 2. Overprice everything. 20$ skins & passes is a huge ask after the bungled release, especially when the included freebies don't fit the asking price 3. Censor your characters so you can get a 12+ rating, despite the theme not being suitable for at all for a younger audience. There's a lot of innuendo & implied sex in the story (particularly Bond), I'm afraid these may be removed in the future
16 Views 01/11/2023
*Not a bad game. I played to see ass tho, so why are they covered?* It'a quite time consuming for an idle game. 30 minutes if I speedrun the dailies? I would use 10 on any other idle game. Why do I have to play simulation and interception once a day instead of interacting with my waifus on the outpost? I was so preoccupied with my dailies that I only discovered this the other day. Eww. The gacha during my initial days of playing was absolutely atrocious. It was so bad that I was actually about to quit until I miraculously got several SSRs to fuel my desire to continue. Thanks, I guess. Coincidentally, I got them after Christmas update. Before that, there's already some clamor about gacha rates being lower than what's stated. With circumstantial proof. Who knows what's really happening? I don't.
53 Views 01/10/2023
Its super censored so it's more a personal thing. Advertising one thing doing another. And the rates are kinda questionable. Try it out. It's not bad but would've preferred it like it was when it came out. I'm gonna go to the gym  and weight it out. If something changes I'll happily share my $ if not then cool. Life goes on. Overall kinda disappointed 😞 
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