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2 Views 01/17/2023
this game was so cool.the graphics are good.this game was so entertaining. this was the best game ever!
25 Views 07/28/2019
Very interesting game but it's quite difficult, always gain more fun on getting more items as it gets stronger. There are many unreasonable enemies on the stage and the level of difficulty is high, and the operation is easy but it is often frustrating because there are parts that are difficult to move. I can choose a variety of skill combinations for each challenge (though I have luck) and I feel that I can become even stronger if new discoveries or strong combinations are found. If you look at the advertisement once a day, you can get a free draw (gacha), but there is a bug that is not immediately reflected if you pull it. Overall, very addictive and challenge game.
13 Views 08/24/2019
Archero is a game that features a simple yet novel and challenging gameplay. Just move with one finger and stop to shoot, very suitable for fast food when playing the game. There are lots of challenging player maps and 3D graphics that are pretty nice. Quite boring when the game is still biased Money and Diamonds than skill...
6 Views 07/01/2019
Good game with a Supercell vibe to it! This feels like a dungeon crawler type of a game from Supercell, that is very challenging. The game is very interesting and long, the stages are small, but intuitive. The characters/monsters are cool and detailed. Summarized, if you wish to have a good time, and a challenge try out Archero. LGLS-4.3 [lgls: Legendary Gamer League Score- More varied scores based on gameplay elements]
1 View 04/16/2019
A very interesting shooting game where the character can be controlled with one hand and the movement feels very good. The character will start shooting when it stops. Mobile guarantees survival, static guarantees output, so the dynamic and static operation mode is really interesting, and it doesn't feel tired to play. I unknowingly spend an afternoon in it, it is recommended!
'Archero' review
3 Views 11/04/2022
good gameplay with some depth but pay2win
Dark Lord
2 Views 06/22/2022
tthe game is very nice
0 Views 04/18/2019
Im officially addicted. Global version please =] also need a restart account option. Thank you!
3 Views 07/28/2019
Need update I almost finished all stages
Lê Công Thành
0 Views 09/12/2021
i cant dowload
That's everything for now. Start a new game?