Screenshot of cooking battle!
Screenshot of cooking battle!
Screenshot of cooking battle!
Screenshot of cooking battle!
Screenshot of cooking battle!
Screenshot of cooking battle!
cooking battle!

cooking battle!

Provider GameMakerOne
Downloads 60,185Followers 51,067

Cooking Battle is a fast-paced multiplayer cooking game! Team up with your friends or play solo in the epic multiplayer cooking battles! You must prepare, cook and serve up a variety of tasty orders while making your opponent's kitchen a nightmare!

Jump into your favorite game mode and play quick matches with your friends.

- Battle Mode: Cook, cooperate and use items to hinder your opponents! The team with the most points at the end of the match wins!
- Race Mode: Cooperate with your teammate and try to complete as many orders as possible!
- PVE Challenges: Practice your cooking skills by completing fun Chef Certification Challenges!

Unlock a variety characters with unique abilities

Share strategies and battle together with other players.

Climb the leaderboards to prove you’re the best!

Cooking Battle Super Big Update Released:
- Login 7 days to receive super strong A Tier chef: RabbitFuFu!
- 13 new chefs, with strong personalities and useful stats
- New ranked mode with items to help you win battles
- New in-game voice chat and quick message to help you communicate with teammate
- New Battle Pass system and Season challenges
- New Talent and Combat item system, use shards to level up talents and items.
- New kitchen design system, collect kitchen equipments and impress your friends.
- New friends system, invite your friends to team up in ranked matches!

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Aung Min Khant
142 Views 2022/2/21
To all the developers of this game This game has a lot of potential and you guys neglected the development to this game and gave us no update Please put some effort to this game This game now has a lot of errors and You guys don't give a care
55 Views 2022/1/13
I am new to tap tap, and I decided to download this game but for some reason it gets stuck on the loading screen, I would like to know if it is a bug that takes a long time, or is it a new error.
25 Views 2021/12/20
The graphics are cute, the gameplay is fun and overall it's a great game, tho it's much more fun if played with friends.
14 Views 2022/1/2
the game is very fun and enjoyable but we need more update please, it's almost 3 months and we never gets an update
Gamer Fan
30 Views 2021/10/1
hi hello,i really enjoy playing this game,but there is a problem here,there is error code something,i don't know what happened but all my friend list all disappeared,i already search my friend account and add but it said i already add but still i don't see any oh my friend in my friend list,can u fix this?i really want to play,i already uninstall and install but still nothing in my friend list,its
yumeko chan
16 Views 2021/12/10
please update new features. new map, new event,new rank, we waiting for it
Error loading screen
44 Views 2021/2/13
After i install this game and alow all the required permission, i got stuck in the loading screen. Please fix this 
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