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31 Views 06/06/2022
iif your able to download it then you should be able to play it in my opinion so tell me why it says "you can only play games in the Google Play Store" I've been wanting to play this game but when I download it and install I can't play it.
Saya Uchiha
49 Views 06/14/2022
this game i used to play it everyday when you guys have it in global and take it out… can you please try and add it again…I miss playing this game and you guys took it away …
13 Views 02/05/2022
This good game very addicted but why always region lock, for past just for jp and now english vertion just for us and canada, thats make hard to play and update the game for player from NA and other please dev make global vertion for NA and EUROPE too.
Saya Uchiha
13 Views 03/31/2022
It’s a wrong move for you guys to take out the game in global, please put it back to global please! I really love the game 😞
Hameru is Beauty
18 Views 09/10/2020
I'm not crying! It's just Yachiyo cutting onions! I'm still glad I can play my favorite Meguca, It was a great time NA. Now moving on JP as a EN refugee..
6 Views 02/15/2022
don't bother guys. it's a dumpster fire of a game...even on Google play has low rating
can someone help me with this problem?
80 Views 02/04/2022
Daniel Rivero
1 View 06/25/2019
what time will it be available?
Duc Anh Dang
1 View 07/06/2019
Plz, there could be some ways to play this super awesome game with Vietnamese region ><
Jones Boy
1 View 06/25/2019
region locked (US and Canada) so yeah, GG.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?