Suraj Singh
Best Ever free rhythm game of all time
36 Views 6 days ago
I play this game since from the pandemic and it's really enjoyable to play when my friends are near around, and they also feel shock that how is he playing perfectly with every song...And it's 2022 I've got some issues like there's a new song released but I can't update this app idk why? But I'll wait for it till the next update to not losing any of the progress... please fix this issue and it'll be more enjoyable for me to
AA Yunus
Nice mobile rhythm game ever
41 Views 2022/7/12
Such a wonderful game I've ever play. Some of notes appear unexpected,so I can train my hand's reflex greatly. And the most I love of this game is,no paid song/pack,so just some anomaly songs we should unlocked with bit tricky way. This help me as a less money people :>. My suggestion for the next is,add some another song from tano*c please, although we should get it with terrible way. Just it Thank you, pigeon games
10 Views 5 days ago
When it has the new update, this app wont show any update, it make me have to delete and include the
0 Views 4 days ago
where's the UPDATEE??
2 Views 2022/8/3
Best music game I ever played.
1 View 6 days ago
Version 2.3.2 update when?
115 Views 2022/7/22
Currently, Google Play Store already has the newest version update for Phigros but for TapTap are not yet. I can't update it on Google Play Store cuz i originally download/update from TapTap. So does is it just me? Edit: I had to update it on Taptap CN version. And it does actually works. Don't worry, it doesn't delete your save progress (unless you delete the game).
0 Views 2022/8/4
just great
Well phigros means perfect and this is a perfect game 😏😏💗
0 Views 5 days ago
Amazing rythm game
34 Views 2022/7/1
Probably my favorite rythm game on mobile, it feels the most dynamic to me. Gameplay feels so diffrent from chart  to chart, making it very hard for the game to be boring. The devs are active, and new songs are frequently released, no adds, no in app purchases, it's just an entirely free game. It's amazing.
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