Screenshot of Robot Sonic Games
Screenshot of Robot Sonic Games
Screenshot of Robot Sonic Games
Screenshot of Robot Sonic Games
Robot Sonic Games

Robot Sonic Games

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From the shadows of darkness emerged skeleton army to attack central village. Robosonic felt responsible for protecting the village and clean the village from invading skeleton army

Choose your favorite characters and begin dashing against the mad scientists.

Download and help robosonic in eradicating the skeleton forces. To defeat enemies, you can use punches and jump kick combo, you can also use weapons such as silver knives, baseball bat or weapons that can be found on the way. But beware the skeleton army are powerfull armed with heavy bones, longswords, fire bow and titanium shield.

Robot Sonic Games Feature:

- Dash and flawless movement with 3D super graphics

- There are 15 levels with unique bosses

- Enjoy jump, run and dash, or skill-based combo gameplay using simple controls

- Discover the mysterious weapons

- Classic gameplay that remind us for the arcade machines from old days

- Rich background music and sound effects

- Nice classic ultra sonic characters

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