Screenshot of Fortune Fight
Screenshot of Fortune Fight
Screenshot of Fortune Fight
Screenshot of Fortune Fight
Screenshot of Fortune Fight
Screenshot of Fortune Fight
Fortune Fight

Fortune Fight

Provider FantasyCastle
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Fortune Fight combines two popular genres: board game and deck-building
Unlike classical board game, luck is not the essential key for triumph; by contrast, using strategies is the only way to win.
In this game, you have to avoid from bankrupt and make effort to reduce your opponent’s money to zero.
Outwit your enemy with tactical decks and you win!

- Fast-Paced, Strategic and Stimulating PvP card game
- Battle in real-time with players from around the world
- Over 100 cards to build your own decks with tactics
- Take over Wonders and increase tolls
- Iconic characters with individual skills such as “Diamond Missile” , “King of Beasts” and more
- Easy to play, hard to master!

Fast-Paced Gameplay
The game is a turn-based card game between two opponents, using constructed decks of 8 cards along with a selected character with unique skills. Players use their limited points to play functional cards to gain advantage or attack the opponent, with the goal of bankrupting the opponent.

Real-Time PvP Battle
Compete against friends as well as players around the globe in head-to-head battles.
The real-time battle with fast-paced gameplay brings thrilling experience and it is also portable that players can play anytime, anywhere with anybody!

Build Your Tactical Decks
Construct powerful decks from dozens of cards. Each card has its own effect, including dealing damage, summoning entities, controlling the dice, healing damage taken, and more. Do your best to build decks depending on characters’ traits and strengths, which enables to trigger characters’ unique abilities.

Characters & Distinctive Skills
There are a variety of iconic characters, and each of them has individual active and passive skills which can trigger different effects during matches. Taking good advantage of their special skills makes you turn off the table!Choose a favorite partner to play with and help you become a winner.

Easy to play, hard to master
The adaption of the concept of board game makes it easy to play for all ages; however, it is hard to master due to the diversity of combination. Go hone your skills and try different decks and strategies against virtually AI opponents in Solo Mode.

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