Screenshot of Piano  Tiles 3
Screenshot of Piano  Tiles 3
Screenshot of Piano  Tiles 3
Screenshot of Piano  Tiles 3
Screenshot of Piano  Tiles 3
Screenshot of Piano  Tiles 3
Screenshot of Piano  Tiles 3
Piano  Tiles 3

Piano Tiles 3

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Play the best Piano Tiles 3 on your android device now! free! Black Tiles or While Tiles.

Do you have the heart to be a great pianist, admired and admired like Beethoven, Chopin or Mozart etc. Do you want to play a classical song like Little Star, Canon or Jingle Bells?

Now, with Piano Tiles 3, your dreams can come true! Piano Tiles 3 is the latest popular piano app to take Android by storm. With this piano app, even a kid can play classical songs like a real piano master. Easy to learn and super fun to play! With "Piano Music Tiles", your phone will be turned into a magical piano, by tapping "Piano Tiles 3" you can play your favorite songs like the best pianists!

How to play:

Piano Tiles 3 is very easy to play and the rules are simple. Just tap the falling black piano tiles continuously to play the music, don't miss any black tiles to complete every song perfectly! Be careful of the whereabouts of the white tiles, click to fail!

1. Carefully select a large number of piano pieces from classical to popular, such as Little Star (Mozart), Jingle Bells, Canon, Phyllis (Beethoven), Fade.
2. Has high-quality piano music songs and soundtrack accompaniment.
3. It's a real challenge to hit the tiles in the music tiles falling at high speed!
4. We will keep updating and optimizing to turn your phone into a magic piano with real sound effects.

The game has multiple modes:

1. Normal: In this mode, you can enjoy the game and music slowly!

2. Infinite: After completing the normal mode, you will enter the accelerated infinite mode, which will be a big challenge.

3. Online Battle: You can play online battle with any player, and you can win rich game rewards.

4. Speed ​​Challenge: You can challenge players and defeat them to get higher game rankings.

Download now and play for free forever and improve your finger and brain reflexes and musical skills! Make Piano Tiles 3 your best piano buddy!

We will keep updating and optimizing, adding more fun songs and gameplay!

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