A Underrated Must Try Game!
302 Views 2022/7/26
When I First Started This Game... I didn't expected It To Be This Good... The game is Full Of Puzzles And Different Quests That Are actually Engaging And Fun To Play. The Controle Are Easy To Grasp Too. The Graphic Of The Game is Kinda Old Style But Gives Pretty Nostalgic Feeling. As Of Playing Now... As a offline This Game Provides So Much To The Players.. With Quest,puzzles, and super engaging Story With An Complete Open World To Roam And Discover.
Altreus Kratos
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Exiled Kingdoms RPG review #TapTapExplorerS1
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An Ode to RPG games of Old #TapTapExplorerS1
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Exiled Kingdoms is a classic action RPG game for mobile highly reminiscent of retro action RPGs on consoles. Exiled Kingdoms, You  embark on an epic quest into an abandoned kingdom of old to seek your glory, defeating countless enemies on the way. The story is intriguing and engaging. The  graphics and mechanics are retro styled. There is a lot of customisation options including classes such as warrior and rogue. The added flexibility of choosing a game difficulty ensures the enjoyment of veterans and casuals alike. More classes and an additional difficulty level can be unlocked with an in-app purchase purchase.
Super Dax
28 Views 2022/8/12
First, control's are terrible  and they have moments when they don't react at all and that's where you die - but not by your fault obviously. Second, graphics are very very bad for game in this era and lagy in some places (I have very new and powerful device). The game is very bad  copy of old hack and slash RPG games and it plays you to buy full version on that nostalgia moment - it's not worth it at all and I regret buying it. I suggest everyone to try free version first and then you decide is it worth it for you, for me - it wasn't.
A Fresh Breath of the Classic RPG Genre
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Jonathan Sean U
I hate die 7-7
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Aaron Jacobs
Aaron Jacobs
TapTap Editor
Return to the Glory Days of PC RPGs with This Mobile Game - Exiled Kingdoms Review
4.8K Views 2022/6/30
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Game is nice I would say, but the control is lacking and the UI is a bit confusing. The difference in movement speed when you move horizontally vs vertically and diagonally makes it pretty frustating to continue playing this game so I can't review a lot since I just ditched the game not long after starting the game.
39 Views 2022/7/26
I just want to note that while I did not download this game this go round, I did pick it up a few years back. I loved everything about it until......pay to play kicked in. This game reminds you of the PC era D!&blo games. It has a pretty decent story line as well, while not as superior to graphics as they are now it still has a special feel.
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