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0 Views 03/15/2023
great game
Dota Underlords. Gameplay
0 Views 03/02/2023
CalMer Games
17 Views 12/11/2022
Dota 2, and so that there are 6 active items, and not 1 like in league of legends
59 Views 03/15/2020
This game has both single and multiplayer modes, as well as strategic, standard and others. The game has a lot of makeup. Constant updates and events make the game even more interesting. It’s very cool that the game is cross-platform. It's cool that you can play even without an internet connection, improving the tactics of fighting with real players. It's a pity that many skins will be removed after the end of the season to be received by players.
Hardcore Gamer
24 Views 06/23/2019
The game is very good and works very well, playing bugs are too familiar if you have ever played Auto Chest. The most impressive thing to me is the Vietnamese language. At first I thought it was English, but in the game I was surprised when the game supported the language of the land. Thanks for the manufacturer who favor the addition of Vietnamese. In terms of graphics, it is very nice from the character details to the shadow effect, the game runs smoothly without any lag. More Impressicular, the game also supports offline play that is very convenient for those who do not regularly use 4G or Wifi.
Hardcore Gamer
13 Views 10/26/2019
based on the famous game created by blizzard. (DOTA) "Defence of the Anciet". such a great game, I think the strategy element is ace with heroes you have in your team and which one you buy first... there is a high RNG level in this so you are dependent on the draw, but it's not the whole part of the game, you can get all heroes you want, but If you don't want place them well and zone them correctly you will still fail; excellent synergy of low started heroes can beat the higher started heroes that have less or no synergy.. (The ranked meta is constantly challenging offering fresh challenges to the player, and encouraging you to experiment with new strategies, Game Devs provide regular updates and communication with players; Good community, Good game:D)
Suixidal Hearts
1 View 06/16/2019
Id trade my soul to play this game RIGHT NOW and even then i dont think my sould would match its worth. THE WAIT IS REAL
20 Views 02/20/2022
if they bring dota underlords on mobile platform I don't see no reason why they don't do the same on Dota 2
238 Views 04/11/2022
i play both tft and du this game is awesome have both offline and online match and have good UI with a good graphic and its so fun
Insufficient storage space even if I do have 12.8 GB of storage like WTF?!
60 Views 07/30/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?