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Luna Crescent
3 Views 2020/6/5
one of the better gachas in my opinion, so far the devs are very generous with premium currency, giving some after updates, overall a very solid game.
ken kaneki
3 Views 2021/11/5
This is one of the best RPG combat game I've ever experienced. The heart warming cut scenes exaggerated the movements so we could see them more distinctly. お気に入りのキャラクターの電源を入れ、最大6のパーティーを作成できます。 すべてのキャラクターのための3つの声の間で選択し、さまざまな衣装でそれらをドレスアップ! キャラクターは美しくデザインされ、愛らしい
Crimson Alpine
1 View 2020/5/7
damn, i love touhou series, hope this game got a global version as soon as possible...
Lieutenant LeTian (LoTion)
Lieutenant LeTian (LoTion)
3 Views 2022/1/13
pretty fun, not much of a touhou fan though & not a fan of gacha being character diluted
Piyaphat Kajornmote
2 Views 2021/9/3
So much fun, but when we randomly gacha It will be mostly cards. if random characters And then getting a lot will be very good.
Im so pro
13 Views 2022/1/20
I want to play this game ;-; but I using Huawei GT3
1 View 2020/5/11
you know it's a good game when you see that you can buy all the waifu's : )
0 Views 2021/12/23
nice game XD
Andik Frastiawa
0 Views 2021/1/19
touhou Avatar dream battle from Dota 2 😪 that nice gameplay.
Fery Ster
0 Views 2020/10/13
Really best game for me hope we get eng ver fast
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