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Good mechanics, good graphic , worth to try 7.5/10
13 Views 02/19/2023
Good game, im playing this only when im bored with my main game soo.. i think this game is pretty good tho
Rafe Aldi
0 Views 12/27/2022
11 Views 12/14/2022
I wanna finish the story so I'm still playing.
Hardcore Gamer
56 Views 03/31/2020
A casual plant harvesting game, with online social feature. Imagine that this is a Harvest Moon game but online. There will always be update to the stories, new features, NPCs stories or even new NPCs. The developer seems keep their players happy by always updating the game so that we will not get bored of what to do next. This is, I will say, semi online game, where you as farmer rebuild your manor and regain its prestige from past, while socialising with NPCs in town with their own unique characters and stories. Besides planting crops, you can also build chicken poultry or having cows in barn, or even horses. You can also cooking and fishing. There are two parameter bar above your screen, HP and Energy. Make sure you maximize by spending the energy in mining, and HP in defeating monsters to get rare medicine herbs in cave.
'Harvest Town' review
1.9K Views 11/15/2022
Hardcore Gamer
100 Views 06/11/2021
In the past, I discovered this game before I knew there was Stardew Valley. So yeah, the game is very interesting because it is half multiplayer. Gameplay is still the same as farming games in general, but here you have to play online if you want to save data to the cloud server. What I like about this game is, ⚪We can play offline unless we want to save data to a cloud server. ⚪Can meet other players at the Spa. Replenishing energy while chatting with them, it's something I can't get bored of.
35 Views 07/24/2019
Cozy and lovely game. Many knows how popular Stardrew Valley or Story of Seasons are, this game has made like them. A big town with shops, farms, river and animals. Far from the town, the truck carrying stuffs to the city, birds are singing, cows are idle around. Townspeople are warm, help each other to keep town small but cozy, quiet but has everything. Here I really love the illustration of this game, characte looks cute in pixel style. The buildings are full of Chinese, eastern style, and even mixed with some modern element like laboratory, mechanization factory, hmmmm this is very interesting, not traditional village far from modern urban erea, this town has a lot mistery to find out.
Amiko Guild
132 Views 07/25/2022
Really great game, so many activities and it's all f2p. I bought month card just because i want to support devs. Thanks for good work. Got only one cons for me: - Need to improve optimisation :( I got not so slow device, but game sometimes freeze for few sec (it's happen when i collecting items from workshops etc )
113 Views 06/05/2022
your typical farm-rpg game, but its more interesting and unique in its own way. although the downside is the ads popping out of nowhere if you don't buy anything in-game as f2p gets annoying, but its still bearable. its a nice vry nice game for it to be free if you ask me. so far im waiting for fisherman to be a marryable, i have him 8 hearts. so whilst waiting for his contents im pursuing foxy, just cause she give that mommy vibes lmao.
Hardcore Gamer
10 Views 07/26/2019
This is a free title similar to Stardew Valley. From the gameplay to the graphics are amazing. You can plant trees, fishing, mining, weapons manufacturing, etc. You can do simple everyday tasks to earn extra income and buy clothes or seeds. If your free can chat with NPCS to learn more about personal stories or flirt with them and start a nice story. The title is quite similar to the legendary Stardew Valley title and completely free, I recommend you try now to experience this year's Farm super experience!
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