Screenshot of Zero Fiction
Screenshot of Zero Fiction
Screenshot of Zero Fiction
Screenshot of Zero Fiction
Screenshot of Zero Fiction
Zero Fiction

Zero Fiction

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The world has been changed, and lots of monsters from different world appeared. Girls from the other world began to investigate the reason of these changes. Control your squad to defeat the enemies, perform fancy combos to improve combo evaluation, strengthen the characters, and solve the problem of the world! Why the world has been changed is actually......

Beautiful 3D graphic
Multi-unit combo attack battle system
Powerful skill performance

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What’s happening

It was easy to play, no intro?, and so simple. But in the battlefield, my heroes are also random style of attacking, and I'd realised that heroes have a charged skill (simple put, it's a ultimate skill). If you hit them, there's a combos each of my heroes attacks. It's level is limited at stage 8 and that's the end, how simple it is. There's no exit button for sure, but I'm satisfied that this game is so simple..
758 Views 06/10/2024
273 Views 12/18/2023
Okay here's what i thinking, there's 7 or 8 stage in this game idk i forget about it, just 8, not 1-1 or 1-12 and so on, it's pretty short and the gameplay itself pretty boring nothing new, and there's couple ending in the game and i just completed 1 ending, its ending A(maybe there's an ending B and C whatever). And yup, that's it, not worth of your time, or maybe, this is just a prototype of some project? Who knows?
Mitsuki kaguya
409 Views 12/05/2023
What is going on with games this days ? This game right here look very good. But actually, when you try it, you'll see how weird it is. You cannot play normally it not even a open world. So I don't get. What is the point of you download in such a game?  Just because you have too many space on your mobile phone doesn't mean that you need to fool your phone with such crap, so save your space. Save your time and don't download this shit.
2.4K Views 04/14/2022
A offline ACGN turn based games. Good for players who are into these genre. This game provides a minimum playing time offline to satisfy the players. The story is not much which the characters seems to have no character development and it just went straight to gameplay. Sound is not bad. The gameplay is not unique, I just literally button smash the basic attack and it still works. Good execution but the game is short and once over it just start from the beginning with higher difficulty. Good for passing some few time though.
Exactly As The Name - Zero Fiction
2K Views 02/27/2023
I'm giving this one two stars and both of them are for the girls. The game menu is clean and ad/store free but also that's because the game has no microtransactions, currency, grinding, or not really much of anything actually. It appears like a visual novel menu, it basically has "New Game" and I forgot what the other button is. The starting dialogue is pretty strong with "in the beginning there was nothing but then anime girls".
D. Stanke
1.4K Views 03/22/2022
Beautiful Garbage. The game looks nice but the functionality is horrible. You cant finish the prologe if a character dies, you cant heal your chars, you cant go main screen or stuff like this. Right now im literaly stuck at the last mission of prologe because the game autoproceed and last mission a char died. Now i cant even finish a turn because of this dead char. I cant revive, i cant heal, i cant skip, i cant finish the turn, i cant return to mainscreen, i cant chose an older mission to train main chars.
Mitsuki kaguya
Do I have high standards ?🤷🏽‍♂️
1K Views 11/20/2023
This looks good honestly , I will find out if this game worth your time for not by wasting (or not) my own time . I didn't like it because it's a 2d game . I graphism looks good and if you wanna try this game ho ahead. I'm too picky about games 🎮
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