Screenshot of Divinity Saga
Screenshot of Divinity Saga
Screenshot of Divinity Saga
Screenshot of Divinity Saga
Screenshot of Divinity Saga
Divinity Saga

Divinity Saga

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“Divinity Saga” is a mobile Strategy Game featured with free-form gameplay and indepth strategy. In the game, you will play as a god to lead your civilization from savage to prosperity. Summon the heroes in legends and epics to command your troops. Decide to resort to force, or to forge an alliance with other civilizations. Expand your territory, conquer ancient wonders, and immortalize your civilization!

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Free deployment of buildings. Your strategy at your will.

Apart from the difference in themes, "Divinity Saga" has many other innovations. Accumulation of resources by various buildings is the basic gameplay of SLG games, but "Divinity Saga" does not only consist of traditional building upgrades. Whether it is farmland, lumberyard, fortress or wall, they all can be deployed on your territory at will. In the same way, if you can't break into the opponent's main city for a while, it would be a good choice to occupy his fortress first and build an archer tower at his door. You can achieve different strategic intentions such as long-range attack and joint defense through the free layout of your buildings.

Explore lost civilizations and conquer ancient wonders.

The development of civilizations depends not only on resources, but also on powerful legions. The most powerful heroes in "Divinity Saga" are hidden in the wonders left by ancient civilizations. The Great Pyramid, the Statue of Athena and other wonders await the brave to explore, discover and conquer! But, there are the strongest guards from ancient times in wonders, so they can only be conquered by a joint expedition of kingdom allies. Only those who conquer the wonders will have the privilege to summon legendary heroes!

Summon legendary heroes and record your epic stories.

The rise of civilizations is inseparable from the great achievements of heroes. Humans, Elves, Beasts, Undead, Titans are the five races that can be summoned in the form of cards. Recruit your heroes and train them to be the mainstay of your civilization. The dynamic effects and grand background stories on the cards will surely impress you. Different heroes have different skills. Reasonable training and collocation of skills will make your economy develop faster and your army invincible on battlefields. You can record your own heroic epics!

Confront the fierce war at sea. Join the multi-civilization battle .
Thousands of civilizations are scattered on the same world map to witness each other’s origin, development, conquest and destruction. After your civilization prospers, you will sail to sea to conquer the civilizations on other continents! The struggle for survival and the development of civilizations will never be accompanied solely by peace. Only the baptism of blood and fire is the best catalyst!

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