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Emma has awoken to a mystical world that is familiar yet strange to her. While exploring this world, she comes to the realization that the adventure she’s embarked on somehow reflects the past experiences of her own.

"Within" is a narrative-driven adventure mobile game for you to explore your inner self. We call for those who are fans of mobile games containing exploration and murky forlorn atmospheres to come follow Emma’s footsteps into this desolate fairytale world. Awaken your past secrets and retrieve the very definition of oneself.

Immersive Experience
"Within" can be regarded as a mobile game, a picture book, or even a short film.
Through the intuitive game controls, the arrangement of camerawork, sound effects, as well as the vivid and shadowy ambience. "Within" implies every hint in the scenery, conveying the entirety of the story and emotions behind its objects.

About Us
We are Silver Lining Studio. "Within" is our first and on-going development project. Please join our beta test and share your valuable opinion with us!

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Support Email:[email protected]

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Video Star
Top 10 OFFLINE Games For Android Under 50mb 2022! [Good Graphics]
37K Views 2022/4/29
Ye Olde Foxeh
Not bad but short and fishy survey
22 Views 2022/7/29
The game is avsry short one (like about 10% of a normal mobile game or less). Liked the overall atmosphere and graphics. Gameplay a bit lacking. Then there is the ending, and a survey is offered. I wanted to provide feedback but turns out it is a broken link that goes to some generic, fishy site. No thanks!
97 Views 2022/1/21
Absolutely loved the game. First of all the visuals, artstyle, and effects in the game are breathtaking. It combines the cute and the unsettling very well, and the animations and cutscenes are so well done. Character design is great, it's not too detailed nor not too simple, just perfect. Secondly, the game emits this dark but charming, creepy yet mysterious atmosphere which you can really feel while playing. It almost feels like you're playing Little Nightmares but In 2D. Third, The story isn't really revealed very quickly to the player, and I love that. it's deep yet easy to understand. You can piece everything that's happened to know what the game's all about. Lastly, the gameplay was a blast, it's not a challenging story based platformer, the Puzzles aren't very hard and there are small hints scattered around to guide/assisst the player. Overall 5/5 game, instantly one of my favourites. Top tier visuals and gameplay, would recommend to other players who love these types of games
6 Views 2021/9/13
Good, but too short
TapTap Editor
【Within X Tap Event】「Explore」and「Immerse」| Co-write of Our Own Scenario
95 Views 2019/8/29
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