Screenshot of MTB Downhill 2 Multiplayer
Screenshot of MTB Downhill 2 Multiplayer
Screenshot of MTB Downhill 2 Multiplayer
Screenshot of MTB Downhill 2 Multiplayer
Screenshot of MTB Downhill 2 Multiplayer
Screenshot of MTB Downhill 2 Multiplayer
MTB Downhill 2 Multiplayer

MTB Downhill 2 Multiplayer

Provider EIC Game Studio
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After the first game of interest came second 🤗 Our first game was downloaded more than 30 million.
-We took out the second game by examining all of your recycling.
-We have made a much more realistic downhill game
-What have we added?
1.10 kinds of bikes have added different specifications. (mountain bike, road bike, city bike, folding bike, CycleCross, racing bike) 🚲
2. 3d person camera with 2 different distance variations (from most requested)
3. We have added 200 different helmet and outfit function.
4. We tried to make the most realistic movements.
5. We emphasized the design of the screen for faster and easier understanding.
6. We tried to create very realistic trails. We added 26 different levels (we plan to add more)
7. We decided not to play alone and placed 4 opponents 🤓
8. We trained alone and allowed to recognize the pitch
9.Multiplayer have given the chance to choose the number of opponents while playing. You have the chance to compete up to 4 friends. There is still racing in 1e 1 if you want 👍
10. We have added a daily gift system (the value of the prize is increasing every day)
11. We added an incredible snow weather. We think you will feel the cold formally.
12. We have added realistic night mode.
13. We have optimized to be able to play all devices. Of course there will be significant changes in the images.
Tips :
1. Different bikes will be suitable for each map. You should choose multi-stony hopping bouncing maps mountain bike. Race bikes on the flatter and downhill maps.
2. Don't forget to collect your gifts by logging in daily
You can collect all your materials by watching award winning advertisements in 3.Market section.
4. You can show off your friends in multiplayer with your clothes
5. You can invite your friends from within the game with a link.
6.Play on the leaderboard on each map to be at the top of your career.
As you win Level 7, your opponents will become even more challenging
8. The higher you finish, the more awards you will receive.
9.Slow motion will be very useful on frequently disabled maps
10. With Nitro feature, get up and defeat the rivals :)
11. You can change the game controls from the settings menu.
12.If you want to vibrate in the game you can change the settings section.
13. You can change the graphic settings, but the game is already optimizing itself for the best settings at the beginning.
Let's pedal the bike together 🚴‍♂

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