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2 Views 09/18/2019
Good game for idle, the was fun and also you can do more staff than waiting you can cook battle d boss and there is more people playing it you can chat to them.. and also have skill and stats system like Ragnarok Idle.. overall i love the team/party system im still playing it ❤️ After I make Gameplay vid in youtube
11 Views 03/15/2020
I am not a fan of the genre, but I can judge by the cover. The game is monotonous, and opponents are not so difficult. A variety of background and locations. A small number of levels! Leveling characters using items that fit well into the game. The opponents are the same, and only occasionally change the texture. This did not arouse my interest in the long game.
8 Views 11/18/2019
Typical Developer hated by player, player told them about he refund and they just said, complain and i will banned you, i think many player will hate this kind of Developer, i purchase 60 pearl but the purchased is 3000 pearl, i told them about it and the respond is can't refund because affraid player abusing refund to get unfair advantage. Who decided itcan be refund or not? You... I haven't spent that pearl and bonus. Maybe the money for u is just a little but for me it can support my family.
bradly steward
7 Views 02/03/2022
love the game but can't play. the dev team tells you the bugs in game is your fault because you didn't download it right. clear the cache did that 50 times and also downloaded from Google play and same exact issues. yet when my old phone which is the same as this new one just an older model it plays perfectly. I'm so done with companies that tell this to players and make them feel like they are stupid.
Hardcore Gamer
0 Views 11/08/2019
great idle game to pass the time with. excellent character design gives the game a charm you don't get in a lot of others. you don't have to do a lot to play, but the stuff you do have to do is e grossing and can keep you engaged for a long time. Would like more in-depth explanations for a certain mechanics like weapon enhancement and tempering, pet care, and suggestions on character progression. overall, would definitely recommended! ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ
4 Views 09/26/2019
Advantage: - Live picture, - The social component. Disadvantages: - Old setting - Weak replayability - quickly bored. There was a global release of Ulala: Idle Adventure - this is such an endless game in the era of dinosaurs. Something between NonStop Heroes, NonStop Knight and the genre of games where you need to run endlessly run to run plus there is a rather significant social component. In general, I believe that the game is more or less successful.
2 Views 09/15/2019
this is unique idle game, i dont know why i get hooked in this game but i just cant stop playing it. the graphic and background music is so good, the only i hate is we cant change our classes (i accidentally make a warrior when i want to be a gladiator) but overall this game is so nice to play in my busy schedule
13 Views 05/12/2022
been playing this for a while im current level 239 19.1mil power still a great game im in Allousaur server North America ☆Aura☆ is my name ingame
0 Views 09/18/2019
it bad game if you not have party! but it very funny Idle game ! pet craft cook arena chat it more thing to do also have roleplay character class 😁🤣
0 Views 11/11/2021
and you are generally aware of the fact that not everyone receives coins for hero hill? I haven't received them since the hill was closed. ID2221021 Europe. I'm already tired of writing to the support about this
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